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Definition, Criteria, and General Information for Service-Learning (SL) Course Approval


University of Central Florida: Experiential Learning

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For Fall 2019 courses, submissions are due September 18th to
Information sessions for the Service-Learning designation: dates TBD


The University of Central Florida defines service-learning (SL) as a teaching method that incorporates the learning objectives of a credit-bearing course with student participation in community service projects. Students apply theories and skills learned in the classroom to address community needs and social responsibility as they gain an appreciation for the relationship between civics and academics.

To attain an SL course designation, the SL activities must be with nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, public schools, the philanthropic arm of for-profit organizations, or other initiatives approved on a case-by-case basis.

The experience may not be simply co-op, internship, clinical practicum, or other activities designed to meet student-learning needs. Although these experiential learning opportunities develop and/or demonstrate implementation of course competencies, which are integral to the student’s learning, they do not generally meet the SL requirements.


The basic criteria for designating an existing course as an SL course at UCF are as follows:

  • Addresses a need in the community (campus, local, regional, global)
  • Meets one or more course objectives
  • Demonstrates a clear connection between the service activity and the course content
  • Involves reciprocity between course and community that results in students’ increased civic awareness and engagement
  • Involves structured student reflection
  • Involves collaboration with an appropriate agency representative
  • Involves at least 15 hours of student service to the community agency
  • Not a venue for promoting religious or political agendas nor is it to be used for recruitment of students, those served, or other residents of locations visited for religious or political efforts. (See Faculty Handbook)

Please review the SL Evaluation Rubric.

Courses may be submitted for sections unique to the faculty member or for all sections of a course. For submissions to designate all sections of a course, consent of the Department Chair is required before the request will be considered.


To have your course Service-Learning designated, please submit your completed proposal packet via email to the Experiential Learning Director, The course designation application form and process can be found here.

After designation is approved by a committee appointed by the Director of Experiential Learning, the course/course section will be eligible to have an SL designation on the schedule of classes.

Service-Learning Advisory Council 2017-2018

Preston-Sidler Leandra Arts And Humanities Women’s and Gender Studies
Bowdon Melody Arts And Humanities Writing & Rhetoric
Thaxton Terry Arts And Humanities English
Purmensky Kerry Arts And Humanities Modern Languages & Literatures
Brown-Ergle Roberta College of Education and Human Performance School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
Krick Stephanie College of Health and Public Affairs Public Administration
Luzincourt Geraldine College of Nursing Nursing
Jude Smith Jason Division of Teaching and Learning Experiential Learning
Malaret Stacey Student Development & Enrollment Services LEAD Scholars Academy
Connell Leslie College of Business Administration Integrated Business Administration
Gelfert Nicole Burnett Honors College Research & Community Engagement
Jacques Peter College of Sciences Political Science
Hanlon Christine College of Sciences Communication