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In an effort to provide an engaged learning experience across disciplines, qualifying High-Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) courses will be reviewed for one of three UCF HIP designations.

  • Designations will help students quickly and easily enroll in a HIP course to enrich their academic experience.
  • Designations will also allow departments, colleges, and administrators to track enrollment in HIP courses.
  • Courses may be submitted for sections unique to the faculty member or for all sections of a course. For submissions to designate all sections of a course, consent of the Department Chair is required before the request will be considered.
  • Fall 2019 submissions are due on September 18th. For general information please contact Dr. Kimberly Schneider (

For more information, including upcoming information sessions, please visit the designation pages below:

Course Definitions

  • Service-Learning (SL)Students take learning out of the classroom by partnering with non-profits, public schools, and government agencies to work on philanthropic projects. SL courses address a community need and require a student reflection activity. Note: Courses are already designated for this HIP offering.

  • Integrative-Learning Experience (IE)Students have a chance to explore integrative pathways that connect the core knowledge and skills of their major to real-world professional and civic contexts. IE courses have three core elements: intentional learning, high-impact practices, and metacognition.

  • Research-Intensive (RI) Students actively learn about the research process under the guidance of a faculty member. RI courses involve active engagement in a guided line of inquiry through a process of research or academic scholarship and include a research deliverable.