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iACEIntegrative Academic Center for Engagement PlanMeet your goals with the help of advisors ConnectPrepare for the real world by getting involved ReflectCheck to see if you’re on track to meet your goals

iACE: Connecting What’s Now to What’s Next


Trevor Colbourn Hall,
Suite 205


(407) 823-0101


What’s iACE?

What’s your plan after graduation? Whether graduate school or career, the Integrative Academic Center for Engagement (iACE) will help you select experiences that will give you a competitive edge by helping you blend what you’re learning in the classroom with real world experiences. Set yourself up for success by getting involved in a wide variety of opportunities such as undergraduate research, UCF abroad, internships, Knights of Distinction, graduate school prep and more.

Meet with a peer mentor today to see how you can connect what’s now, to what’s next.

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iACE Peer Workshops

It’s time to connect what’s now to what’s next! Brought to you by iACE peer mentors, this workshop will provide you the opportunity to learn about research, study abroad, internships, and graduate school preparation. All workshops are held in Trevor Colbourn Hall, room 201.

Thurs 8/29, 10-11

Mon 9/9, 3:30-4:30

Wed 10/2, 11-12

Thurs 10/24, 10:30-11:30

Wed 11/13, 11:30-12:30

Mon 12/2, 3:30-4:30

Start with a plan

iACE connects you with advisors and mentors that will help you determine the high-impact experiences that will help you gain the skills you need. 

Academic Advancement Programs
Pre-Health & Pre-Law Advising

Connect to the right experiences

Participating in high-impact practices  lets you acquire the skills that employers and graduate schools demand in a real-world.

Experiential Learning
UCF Abroad
Undergraduate Research

Reflect on your experiences

It’s not only important to do, but to think about your experiences and determine if you’re on track to obtain your goals.

Knights of Distinction

Completing an internship or co-op increases your chances of receiving a job offer prior to graduation by 33%


Nearly 50% of undergraduate researchers pursue post-baccalaureate degrees

Nearly all students participating in a study abroad program found jobs within 12 months of graduation
Bianca Olivieri standing in front of the Harvard Medical School Dign

Amplify Learning with High-impact Practices

This summer Bianca Olivieri, Class of 2019, presented her research about access to kidney transplants and racial disparities at Harvard Medical School. She is just one example of UCF students participating in undergraduate research. Throughout the school year, she worked in Dr. Candice Bridge’s research. Dr. Bridge is a professor in UCF’s National Center for Forensic Science department. Last summer Bianca attended a summer research program at Emory University.

She wrote about her experience in her blog post, “I think this experience [participating in a summer research program] has opened doors for future collaboration and job opportunities that would not be available to me otherwise.”


Trevor Colbourn Hall
Suite 205


(407) 823-0101